Post #1: New Year’s Resolution – check

Already I’ve achieved one of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2010. I’ve setup a blog. I know I know. Blogs aren’t exactly the latest web craze. Having a Twitter account would be more down with the kids…Blogs have been around for years and knowing my luck will be out of business; a past fad by 2011.

Either way I’ll give it a go for the year. Don’t know if I’ll post once a week or once a month; or what I’ll even write about. Probably everything from FC Barcelona to the new album from Sigur Ros.

Question #1: where did the name for the blog come from?

Well not too much thought really…I gave it one minute’s inspirational thinking and this was what came into my head: a song title from a modern jazz band called The Bad Plus. So SILENCE IS THE QUESTION is how it goes….think about it…


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