Web Design Hell

Websites are everywhere, but someone needs to design them. Since 1996, back in the dark ages when nobody knew what email was, or probably had never seen a modem, a few mates from school decided to set up a website design company. TourWeb was the snappy name we picked and off we set. Our first site was for a hotel, which 14 years later I’m happy to say is still our client, even though we don’t really “work” with TourWeb anymore. Well not in the sense of proactively getting new clients. But we do help out our old clients.

Over the years, we’ve learned plenty. I got to know what a <body> tag was and much more besides in the world of HTML. Tomas and Ken were our real designers though, I just filled in the gaps. But we really learned two things:

1. Don’t undersell yourself – don’t be afraid to charge a fair market price. Just because we were students didn’t mean we should do slave labour.

2. The client is NOT always right – and other old sayings are equally dodgy.

On #1 we’ve improved but still shoot ourselves in the foot, but on #2 a recent article Tomás sent me summed it up. No offence to any actual/named/unhappy client(s) of ours, but this article really hits the nail on the hand from our perspective as designers delivering a service. We can bring all our experience and knowledge gained over the years of what’s good and what’s not so smart to do with websites, but ultimately the client is paying for a service and usually they will want it as they see it, despite some considered thought from our end.

So there, I got that off my chest.


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