Why not Dublincars?

Dublin joined the 21st century when they sorted out free bikes for locals and tourists alike last year. Dublinbikes is one of the best things the city has done. I know we copied cities like Paris with the Velib but still…fair f*cks.

How does it work? Well I paid €10 and got a RFID card which allows me use any of the bikes for 12 months. The only catch is that I start paying after first 30 minutes being free. And it’s also annoying the bikes are only in the city centre…not reaching my house in Ranelagh.

I use it a couple of times a week mainly if I’m going to the gym and don’t want to walk. It’s real handy to get to DNS (De North Siude).

But what if they took this idea further. I know we can rent cars from Hertz or Avis but that’s expensive. I don’t have a car. Nor do I need one most of the time. But wouldn’t it be great to be able to rent a car like Dublinbikes? Just for a few hours…to go across town to visit a friend. Or to go out to Bray or wherever for a spin. Pay by the hour. The company have your credit card as deposit so what’s the problem? Aren’t there thousands of carless people who’d give it a go? Out to IKEA to pick up a sofa. Off to Tallaght for a match. Or just to experience the joy of sitting on the M50 in traffic going nowhere.

What would you pay? €2 an hour plus petrol? I dunno…if you took a car for 8 hours that’s €16 plus petrol. Not much cheaper than normal rental. But say you took it for 2 hours. Well then only €4 for a spin. I’d pay it.

Are there any Michael O’Leary’s of the car hire world out there???


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