Plain People of Ireland

Three years ago, when Jackie Healy Rae was questioned who did he represent, he answered the Plain people of Ireland.
When questioned who are these people he answered the people who still eat their dinner in the middle of the day.

Ok, so I’m not going to analyse why JHR got elected down in Kerry, but I do want to meet the PPI (Plain People of Ireland). Take today. After watching a local football match in dense fog (floodlights on at 11am was a first – but Tramore did win), I headed back to Tramore and went for a lunchtime pint with my dad. We went to Crokes, which is an old man’s bar. I used to work there 11 years ago. Not much has changed since. Some of the less popular drinks on the shelves are probably that vintage too (Smirnoff Ice wouldn’t be that popular there).

Anyway, there were 3 auld fellas having a chat. It was gas. They really were PPI.

First off, since this is Waterford, they all had “large bottles” of Guinness on the table. I don’t think anyone else in the country ever drinks them, but in Waterford they still go down well (bottles from the shelf rather than the cooler are preferred).

Second, these two auld fellas had come in from a swim out at the Guillamene.  No mean feet, given that we all were frozen watching the match, yet these guys jumped into water which must have been 5 or 6 degrees. And they were 70!

Third they could remember the 1950s like it was yesterday, but if you asked them what they had for dinner last night they’d probably have to think. They were rabbitting on about Waterford Crystal closing down last Friday (well the visitor centre) and how things were just getting worse. There was no hope at all. Things wouldn’t pick up. Well unless Waterford United could start winning the League of Ireland again. Which has about as much chance of happening as Steve Staunton’s Darlington getting into the Premier League. Anyway, they continued chatting about the glory days of Waterford United, when they won 3 consecutive leagues in the 1960s. They could remember all the players and half the goals that went in. And who scored.

If I can remember in 2 days what goes on today (like who scored for Leeds yesterday) I’d be doing well. What chance have I of remembering in 60 years?? But I guess that’s the amazing thing. Our brain just remembers stuff. Handy in table quizes but sometimes hard to figure out.


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