Lent: going vegetarian

I haven’t eaten meat in over a week. That’s right no juicy steaks. No curry chicken or burgers. Worst of all no battered sausages on Saturday night after the pub. More on that later…

Ok ok I know it’s been a while since I posted here. But I’ve been pretty busy with eh work and travel and training. I’ll write about trip to Seattle and NYC later…it was well balanced between work and pleasure.

Anyway it was Shrove Tuesday last week. Which means a few things: eating pancakes and the end of Carnival but also the start of Lent. Lent? Isn’t that like Ramadan except for Catholics? Well yes and no. But yeah idea is to give something up (abstinence) and generally make life worse than it has to be for yourself (penance).

I have never given up anything for Lent. I can’t remember staying off sweets or coke when I was young. Some people give up mad stuff and others just do booze or sweets or smokes. But what about giving up craic cocaine or something serious like??

Somehow while in NYC last week we started talking about vegetarians (or the carnivores formerly known as vegetarians). Now I know several vegetarians and they don’t exactly have 2 heads. But I don’t get it. I mean they still wear leather boots; belts; jackets; and bags. They still eat eggs; drink milk; butter their toast; enjoy cheese. And some even eat fish. Wow. So what’s the point??

Anyway 7 days in I’m realising life isn’t that bad for them. I’ve had scrambled eggs. I’ve raided the salad bar at work. It’s hard sharing a table with people eating a lovely steak with chips. Or someone sizzling sausages and bacon for breakfast. But I will survive.

Aren’t athletes meant to eat meat for protein and energy?? Will my triathlon career take a nose dive? At least it beats falling off a bike.

So 33 days to go until Easter Sunday April 2nd. That day will be epic. Think about a full Irish breakfast; followed by Sunday roast and then a visit to the chipper to polish things off.

This Lenten thing is growing on me….

P.S. Btw if you’ve been wondering why my punctuation is so bad. Simple: the comma key on my keyboard has fallen out so I can’t insert commas. Kind of annoying cuz people think you’re an idiot and can’t write. Don’t you?


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