A Funny Marathon Man

Doing a marathon these days isn’t rated. People just nod and go ok, yeah, only a marathon? Why don’t you do an ultra-marathon in the Arctic Circle or cross the Sahara Desert while running backwards?

So the bar has been raised. It’s the same with Triathlons. Twelve months ago I hadn’t swam, biked and ran for 2:30 hrs without a break. The thought was a bit scary. But today I’ve completed Olympic distance triathlons, including Chicago. But the next question triathletes ask is: “so when you are doing an Ironman?”

Well, for me, bigger distance doesn’t necessarily mean more satisfaction. It sounds like  a lot more work for not a lot more reward. Doing 2.5 hours of heart-pounding work is tough enough. I’d rather get faster at that instead of going for longer distance.

So that’s why I was so amazed to watch a program on BBC3 last week (Thursday around 10pm) showing how Eddie Izzard, the comedian, was attempting to complete 43 marathons in 51 days, by running across the UK. It sounds incredible for any athlete, but more so given that this transvestite man was out of breath even talking about it!! But it shows anybody can do anything, if they put their mind to it. Instead of collapsing after 500m, Eddie soldiered on and made it into a Blue Peter exercise of, here’s a marathon I’ve run earlier, i.e. they’re easy. Fair play to him…


One thought on “A Funny Marathon Man

  1. IMO…if you can’t finish an marathon in under 3-3 1/2 hours you shouldn’t be allow to run or say “I did a marathon”.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume this comedian can’t. So, what’s the point? He’s not really running a marathon…he’s walking behind the guys who just did. Fuck me, I could do that. I don’t run marathons because I can’t win not because I can’t jog slowly for 4 hours.

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