Triple Virgin Saturday

I woke up this morning as a triple virgin, in that there were 3 things I did today which I’d never done. So I ticked a few boxes on my things to do before I die.

1. Run a boggy assault course

We went down to a farm in Kildare and ran around the fields, getting covered in mud in the process. It’s called Run A Muck and involves a cross between a 10km run and an assault course. It was completely different to a triathlon race, in that you got you destroyed in mud and dirt but was great fun. I ended up running half of it in my bare feet, as my runners kept getting stuck in the mud. Here’s how the website describes the event:

“Runamuck Challenge is a cross country running event over a wet and mucky course with various man made and natural obstacles including bale “jumps”, net scrambles,  ditchs, streams, tyres and tunnels designed to test your mental and physical strength, and to leave you with a great sense of achievement and a big grin on your face!”

2. Watch 2 rugby matches

Someone told me yesterday that I’d probably prefer getting root canal treatment to watching a rugby match and to be honest they wouldn’t be far off. So I amazed myself by watching not one but two matches today. First Ireland easily bet Wales in Croke Park. Ok so I was patriotic watching that. But why did I stay and watch Scotland draw with England? I was even screaming at the TV by the end of the Scottish match. What’s that about?? It probably had to do with the pint of Guinness in front of me, but even still. I must admit I don’t get half the terms, when people talk about “intercepts”, “offside”, “turnover”, “play”, “phase”, “ruck”, “maul”……but sure there’s always hope I might understand it one day.

3. Drive my own car

Finally I bought a car this week, so today was my first proper trip out of town. Ok only to Kildare but still good. I look like an undercover cop, as it’s a dark blue 04 Ford Mondeo, so just what the average undercover traffic cop drives around all day. All I’m missing is a flashing blue light on the dash and a second aerial, then I could park the thing on the kerb on Harcourt St and head straight into Coppers.


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