Countdown to Connemara

In 2 weeks’ time, I’ll have completed the Connemara Half Marathon. This will represent 13 miles of trekking around West Connemara (hopefully in the sun). The maximum distance I’ve ever ran is 10km, so it’s jump to get to 21km, but obviously do-able (I did 14km today and felt fine). I haven’t really thought of targets yet, but I might as well be honest. If I can do 10km in 38mins, why not 21km in 80mins? That would be great, averaging 4 min/km. Being realistic I guess I’ll have to pace myself a bit better to avoid burning out, so how about 4.5 min/km? That works out at 94.5mins. I’d like to break the hour and a half mark, so that means 4.25min/km. That’s just over 14 km/h.

Ok so I’m not Kenyan or Ethiopian and definitely don’t have the luxury of a pace maker to set the running speed. And the logic of following the guy ahead who looks like he’s fit isn’t really accurate enough. Hell, I don’t even know if they’ll have kilometre markers. Crap even if they do and they’re in miles, what then for my calculations? Can you calculate on the fly from miles to kilometres?? Ok I just did (with a little help from Excel). So I need to do just under 7 minute miles to break 90 minutes.

As for my preparations? Well they haven’t been going great in that I’ve ran 10km a few times recently, but not a lot more. This week I’ll get 18km done hopefully and then it’s a boozy weekend in Sligo. Ideal preparation I know. I’ll bring the runners, but not sure how much I’ll get done. Ok I’ve made my excuses. Fingers crossed. And not even a mention of drug testing.


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