Redneck Nation

Does anyone ever listen to George Hook on Friday evenings? He has this American talk show host on who is so right wing that he makes Michael McDowell look tame. Well his name is Michael Graham and I love this guy’s wacky ideas against Barack Obama (Obama supporters described as O-bots) and anything he views as infringing on his rights by liberals.

He presents a talk show in Boston, MA and gets all sorts of “whack-jobs” calling in to protest against any kind of liberal nutter. I’ve started reading one of his books and getting to understand he reason for his thinking a bit more. His book is entitled Redneck Nation: How the South Really Won the War. Not exactly a controversial book title, right? Typical passage:

“If Michael Jackson went to Bob Jones, whom would he be allowed to date?

This was my question for Jonathan Pait, an able and affable gentleman who at the time had one of the worst jobs in America: P.R. flak for Bob Jones University. I was interviewing him about BHU’s ban on interracial dating, and I asked him this question to embarrass him. To his credit, it did.

I also asked it to show how foolish the race obsession at BJU became when scrutinized. Banning dating based on skin color was such a ludicrous campus policy I couldn’t imagine how one went about defending it. So I was taken aback when the articulate Mr. Pait began offering arguments for the defence that sounded eerily familiar…”

Check out his blog or his talk show podcasts. Always guaranteed to entertain.


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