Connemara Update: 20km done

Today I ran 20km, which is a first. I’ve only ever done 15km (and that was last Sunday). The route was from Ranelagh out to Dun Laoghaire. Leaving work I could see snow on the Dublin Mountains, but luckily enough it wasn’t that cold, once you got the heart beating. My goal was 85 minutes, which equates to just over 4min/km (or 7 minute miles).

I had the Newstalk lads from “Off the Ball” to keep me going, with updates from Arsenal vs Barca (which turned out to be a cracker of a game). I also learned that John Lukic, ex Arsenal and Leeds Utd goalkeeper, is the 4th oldest player to play in the European Champions League. Now there’s a table quiz question (who’s the oldest btw? Probably another goalkeeper. Or maybe Lothar Matthaeus).

I don’t have a Pulse watch to keep my pace, so just had guess if I was on track. I got to Dun Laoghaire and was disappointed to see it took 49 minutes (8 minute miles). On the way back there was a cold headwind, but I pushed on (Barca were also attacking). Newstalk had an interview by the author of a book about Abele Bikila, the famous Ethiopian marathon runner, who won the Olympics in Rome in 1960. He’s famous as the first black African athlete to win a gold medal. He did it in memorable style, by running the entire 26 miles in his bare feet.

Anyway, this pushed me on, but I could still only do it in 47 minutes (8 minute miles). I felt good at the end, my tongue wasn’t hanging out. But disappointed I didn’t get close to 7 minute miles. I suppose no point peaking too early….will save it til next week in Connemara. Oh and Barca threw it away against Arsenal. They can do better too.


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