Connemara countdown: 1 day

Ok tomorrow by 1.30pm I hope to have crossed the finish line in Maam Cross. That will be 13 miles after starting. So my goal is under 1hr 30mins, which is about 7 minute miles. I thought that was doable and was taking bets at work (coffee and lunch next week depend on it) – and I got times from 1h25m to 1h46m (obviously some people don’t think I’ll do it!).

THEN I looked at the course map and profile. The map looks fine but the profile reveals a monster. A hill at the start but then a mountain at the end – 2 miles uphill. WTF?? Who designed this course?? What a slavemaster.

Ok so I know I’m making excuses already.

Let’s hope my other bets come true this weekend:

1. Lucky William to deliver in Aintree at 1.45

2. Rory McIlroy to somehow win Masters (not gonna happen).

3. Messi to score hat trick in Bernebeu in El Gran Clasico against Real (ok I didn’t bet on this)

4. Aston Villa to stuff Chelsea 7-1 in Wembley in FA Cup semi final


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