Snámh fada: Tramore

Tramore Bay is a fantastic crescent shaped bay and is a watersport lover’s paradise. Surfing, walking, kitesurfing, running, fishing…we have it all. You can swim on off the beach, but I prefer going out to a rocky inlet called the Guillamene. It’s a really popular spot for generations, with people swimming there all year round. Each year they organise a snámh fada (long swim in Irish). It’s about a mile long and leaves the Guillamene heading back along the cliff to the Pier. I’ve never done it, so today I went out with Kev Walsh and gave it a go. I’ve swam 1500 metres in races before, so wasn’t worrying about making it but looking forward to the challenge. It turned out to be a great swim. By the time we finished I could have headed back to do it again. Being out in the water with nobody around was great. The views of Tramore Bay are spectacular, with the sand hills, Brownstown Head and the Metal Man surrounding us. Not a jellyfish in site. Just lobster pots and seaweed. We met a few sea kayakers on the way out…it was as if we just passed 2 people on the street – just a casual hello and we kept going.

Next time: swim from the Guillamene to the beach. Next year: across the bay?…possibly.


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