Deadly comedy: Des Bishop

I love Twitter. It’s great for free stuff. You’re only one tweet away from your favourite celebrities. First it was golf with George Hook and now it’s free tickets to comedy gigs.

I just saw Des Bishop’s new show “My Dad was nearly James Bond“. He’s launching it at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival during August but he wanted to rent a crowd in Dublin this week to sharpen his routine. He tweeted this on Wednesday and by Friday I was in the Twisted Pepper along with about 30 other people listening to him the life story of his dad and Des’s relationship with his parents now that his dad is sick.

The show is not your typical comedy show. Get the low down in this Irish Times review. He deals with not so funny themes like cancer, death, nostalgia, regrets. But he spices it up with all sorts of stories and pictures of his dad, Michael Bishop.

As it was a preview show, it was pretty laid back and informal. Des was pissed by all the distractions which made him lost his train of thought or just plain angry. First there was the open skylight which was dripping rain on the seats. So the barman comes in and Des starts talking to him as Gaeilge. Bhí sé as an Ghaeltacht Rinn i bPort Láirge.  Then there was the 3 front row lads with the Scientology masks. Best of all was this guy who appeared at the room entrance, watching the show while waiting for the toilet. Des told him to piss off as it was a show and the guy answers “But I’m not inside.” Like hell he was…he was eventually show the door. In his face.

This show makes you think. About the big things in your life. Family, life, your future, your past. The message is “no regrets” – get out there and make the most of life. Not a bad idea at all.


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