Do you remember the 80s? (under 30s only)

Ok, so it’s 9 years since 9/11 happened. Watching a documentary on it over the weekend, it still looks surreal. The little planes hitting the towers look like flies hitting sticks. Then you realise it’s not from Independence Day or any other movie.

It made me think of where I was that day? It’s our JFK moment. Where were you on 9/11?

I was at work in Waterford, doing my summer job with NGM. I remember it was the day the internet crashed. We all tried to check CNN and the BBC websites, but nothing would load. My boss sent us all home, as his girlfriend was in New York at the time, so he was worried.

It also made me think of other events that I’ll never forget. Obviously I wasn’t around in 1963 for JFK.

Ok so here’s my top 5 (in no particular order):

1. Roy Keane walks out of the Irish World Cup squad in Saipan (2002): I had just come in from a round of golf in Dublin and couldn’t believe it when Sky News was reporting Roy had left the squad. His interview with Tommy Gorman is also memorable (“but what about the poor children of Ireland?

2. Princess Diana is killed in Paris (1997): I was at home in Tramore and woke up on the Sunday morning to hear the news, which sounded unbelieveable when you consider how popular she was. Her funeral seemed to take a whole day.

3. Ireland beat Italy 1-0 in Giants Stadium (1994): I was there, so this is something I will never ever ever forget. I went with my dad to the first 3 group games, so remember clearly Pagliuca sticking his lámh up as he waved the ball into the net. Unreal.

4. Waterford lose to Kilkenny in the All Ireland (2008): Ok a lowlight but again a once off (fingers crossed Tony Browne will rise from the ash and get us there again). The build up was amazing around Croke Park and the atmosphere electric before the throw in. Pity it only lasted for 5 minutes. Beidhimíd ar ais!

5. To be honest, I can’t remember anything famous from the 1980s. Ronnie Whelan in Euro 88? No. Top Gun in the cinema? No. U2 at Slane? No. Live Aid? No. The only vague memories I have are visiting my nan in Kerry as well as senior infants in Star of the Sea. I did get a yellow Packie Bonner goalkeeper jersey in 1990 though. Wish I still had that.


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