Moscow Day 2:

Ornate ceilings in the metro

It was turning into a journey of trains, planes and automobiles as next we took the free shuttle bus to the office. The queue wasn’t moving as fast as I was hoping, given that we were freezing at -5C and I’d forgotten my hat.

Moscow Metro – a big climb up the escalator

The day at the office was fine. It’s uncomfortably hot – over 26C I’d say. Amazing how you go from extreme cold to exteme heat. Anyway, the day flew and I learned a lot. The training session with partners reminded me of how Giovanni Trapattoni and his translator Manuela Spineli work together. We’d the presentation in English but lots was translated into Russian and vice versa with questions. It worked well. My turn tomorrow.

Back at the hotel, security was definately stepped up. There were security personnel standing outside with serious lookikng automatic weapons. The metro was also full of police – although I heard a heavy presence is normal. So not sure what a high level of security looks like. I snapped a picture of the VIP list from the hotel – luminaries such as 2 Russian and US presidents as well as Mr Steve Ballmer. Strangely enough Mr Putin or Mr Medvedev haven’t dropped by. I knew most celebrities on the list, except a few Russians. The main anomoly was Ross Kemp (actor) – one of the only people to have his profession added by way of explanation.

Hotel VIP Hall of Fame
Final thoughts – I’ve seen a lot of very furry jackets around. But they do look seriously warm. Also guys in Ugg boots seems to work here. The girls in the

Faberge shop

in the hotel spend their days polishing very expensive looking eggs. I must pay a visit.