Marathon training: T-2 months to NYC

“By next weekend, you should be doing a 22 mile run.” That’s what Seán at work told me Friday. It still feels like I’ve loads of time to train for the New York Marathon – it’s over 2 months away. But in reality, I don’t have that much time, as my training plan is relentless in terms of building up miles.

So where have I come from? Well I ran 25km on Monday, and felt like I could run another 10km when I finished. It was a round trip to Enniskerry from Sandyford. A few years ago, doing that on a bike was enough. Now a run is very do-able.

I’m comfortably running 20km+ now and should get to 30km+ next weekend. I really enjoy it. It’s not painful – it’s just steady running at a solid pace. No sprinting or feeling like you’ve Usain Bolt at your side. Most of my training is alone – but I like switching off and having time to think. Your mind wanders into all sorts of areas – what will I have for dinner? Will it rain? How can the Kenyans run 2 hour marathon pace?? Why are there so many dead hedgehogs/foxes/rabbits on this road?

So what’s left in the training plan? Well I need to peak in terms of distance by early October. I’ve signed up for the ¾ marathon in Athlone, which will be a good test. Once I complete that, I’ll know I can comfortably run 42km. Caveat: Famous last words I know, as there is a “wall” I haven’t hit yet.

I also have the World Duathlon Championships in Spain in late September – that involves a 10km run, 40km bike followed by a 5km run. It will be a fast pace, with age group runners from all over the world. I’m part of a team of 11 representing Ireland. It should be a proud day to pull on a green rigout – even if it is a figure hugging lycra tri-suit with POWER written across my behind!

October also brings the Barcelona Triathlon, which will be fun. It’s a great city to visit, so what better way to sight see than to race around it. The bike ride around the streets is amazing, as is the run through the city.

So by the time NYC Marathon comes around, I’ll definitely have had enough race numbers, goodie bags and t-shirts accumulated. I plan on taking November and December off training. But will I be able to switch off and vegetate? Running is like a drug – you just can’t get enough of the fresh air and running, (fitter, faster, longer). So I think I’ll have to find some mountain to climb, or race to run…


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