My 2011 Music Review

Nobody buys as many CDs as they used to, but I think people probably spend more time listening to music now. I definitely do – less radio but more music on the go or podcasts at work. Here are some of my favourite albums and artists, which I return to again and again on the MP3 player:

  • David Guetta – his last two albums (Nothing but the Beat; One Love) are filled with hits and definitely make me wanna move. Perfect albums to listen to while running.
  • Imelda May – she’s famous now, but for good reason. Her lyrics and tunes on Mayhem are real genuine songs with a great beat.
  • The Casanova Wave – Tramore bias kicking in here, but check out this one man band. Great atmospheric music to listen to while working or reading.
  • The NationalHigh Violet, this album has been in my car’s CD player all year, and I never get tired of listening to it.
  • Bon Iver – I’ve heard this guy is amazing live, so can’t wait to get his most recent album (Bon Iver, Bon Iver). His previous album (For Emma, Forever Ago) had great tracks no matter what your mood.
  • Keith Jarrett The Koln Concert from 1974 is definitely one of my desert island discs. I’ve listened to the solo piano hundreds of times, but never tire of hearing it. Must check out his new solo album, Rio.
  • Tord Gustavsen Trio – (Being There) a Norwegian jazz trio, who play really quiet and atmospheric piano led tunes. Great background music for reading or for when you’re tired!
  • Esbjorn Svensson Trio – another Scandinavian pianist, who mixed traditional jazz with electronic beats and created some distinctive albums (From Gagarin’s Point of View; Tuesday Wonderland) which non-jazz lovers could learn to like.

Podcasts: podcasts are a great way of passing the day at work, as I listen to them while working to cut out background noise of people on phones. Some of my favourites are Tiesto’s weekly podcast of dance tunes; a few of George Hook’s weekly pieces: The Thursday Interview; his Travel section and his weekly chat with US conservative talk show host Michael Graham; Ray D’Arcy’s interviews; Miriam O’Callaghan’s interviews; National Public Radio’s All Things Considered mix of current American music; and of course a laugh from the Newstalk sports team with “Murph’s Country Pages” quirky round-up of provincial Irish newspapers.


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