London Olympics: Misty May-Treanor watch out

Have you heard of Misty May-Treanor? No, then maybe you know the exploits of Kerri Walsh? Ok, here’s a hint: the best team in the world is the USA. I know, that doesn’t narrow it down – it could be indoor bowling, rodeo or in line skating. Right, does this photo help?

Beach Volleyball looks the BOMB

Now, I consider myself a sportsman, who’d watch anything from football to anything on Eurosport 2 (or even Extreme Sports). But I can honestly say I’ve never watched a beach volleyball match.  I have played a few times on the beach, but didn’t really do it justice. The extent of my knowledge is that it’s played by bronzed hot women in bikinis from exotic countries. Definitely not something you grow up with on the beach in Waterford.

Well, this Saturday, I’ll be living a hitherto unknown dream, by taking a seat in Horse Guard’s Parade in London to watch women’s beach volleyball in the Olympics. Misty and Kerri are double Olympic champions, with a 108 match winning streak, so hopefully we get to see them.

It’s pretty exciting watching the Olympics this week in London – the swimming has been real exciting. We’ve all discovered our hidden quadrennial love for sports like gymnastics, badminton, kayaking and boxing. And the athletics hasn’t even started!

Million Dollar Katie

I’m genuinely so excited about going – we’ve got an action packed weekend, with tickets to the beach volleyball, weighlifting and boxing (all women’s events!). There’s also the women’s triathlon and marathon which we’ll also get to see around Hyde Park and the city centre. Only thing we’re missing are tickets to the 100m final on Sunday night. Or the men’s triathlon on Tuesday. Here’s hoping for an epic bank holiday weekend, crowned by Katie Taylor taking gold on Monday. Fingers crossed that we’re there to witness history.


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