Adventure Race Season

Running above the clouds at Killarney Adventure Race 2012

The kids are back at school, the Late Late is back on Friday nights, the All Ireland’s are there to be won, so time for me to start racing off-road again. Here’s my update on training plans and races for the autumn – especially if you’re doing Wicklow Adventure Race or Killarney Adventure Race.

The times they are a changing. The tri season is over for me so my next focus is adventure racing then cross-country for the winter. I did 6 triathlons and achieved my goals of completing 5 National Series races, as well as getting on the podium in Wexford. Appropriately enough the weather has changed to being wet and wild, to mark the changing of the guard. The shoe covers & gloves are back out for the bike. Wasn’t it only Tuesday evening when I was swimming at Seapoint in 22C??

Adventure Racing: Wicklow & Killarney

Dingle Adventure Race is my favourite event, location and party of the year across all sports (see my blog post), so when I heard Killarney Adventure Race (KAR) was just as good, I marked it down on the calendar long ago. The photos from last year’s race looked magical, running up Mangerton and cycling up the Black Valley. There’s 4 weeks to the race, so I can ease back on swimming and focus on mountain runs and hilly cycles.

My cycling has come on a bit this year and I’ve never enjoyed it so much. My running has taken a back step in terms of volume, as I’m not training for the Dublin Marathon, so not getting those long weekend runs. As for the kayaking – I won’t get to practice but am able to get around the lake without falling in, so should survive.

Race Prep

I should really be in Achill this weekend, doing the ROAR, but in the end I opted out, as I’ve done lots of racing recently and wanted a weekend off to recharge the batteries. Would have been good training. Instead I did a 3.9km swim in Glendalough. It’s something you can’t do any day, plus it’s a magical setting. So much for a weekend off.

Glendalough Open Water Swim – the girl in the middle didn’t show up today 😦

If you’re thinking of heading to Killarney in October – sign up, get your runners on and head outside. My tips for adventure racing are get some long runs in and hilly bike rides. Killarney looks like a runners course, with 26km running so make sure you’re comfortable running for 2 hours off road!

Wicklow Adventure Race is up next weekend

I’m also doing Wicklow Adventure Race in Powerscourt next weekend. Again, this wasn’t part of my plans, but since it’s in my back yard and I’ve never done WAR races, why not? I know the area well, so I won’t get lost running up the Sugar Loaf or Maulin and the cycle up the Sally Gap should be nice. Plus it’s all good training for Killarney.


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