Cooking up a Storm

The last 6 months have marked a real change in my cooking and eating habits. I’d a few triggers: doing some cooking classes; discovering paleo; hearing from great sports nutritionists but most importantly discovering that I love cooking. I want to share some of the recipes you can easily find online – Lilly Higgins, The Happy Pear, Foodflicker, LovinDublin are just some of the best sources for me.

Some people really don’t like cooking – it’s like ironing, cleaning your bike or going to the dentist. A task to be endured to fuel you up and keep you going. On the other hand, cooking can be so much more. A real pleasure, mind absorbing and a great switch off mentally. It’s great for your mind.

 Once I start it’s one of the few things I can’t multitask – you can’t flick through Twitter while stirring a stir-fry. You instantly forget about life’s troubles – work or personal. You’re just worried have you brunt the veggies in the oven. Plus the food you cook can be so tasty. Gone are the days of repetitive boring breakfasts and sandwiches for lunch.

Some of the great recipes I’ve tried and cooked are:

Poached eggs and avocado for breakfast

Oats, chia seeds (soaked overnight in milk), mixed berries, mango, cinnamon, honey, nuts

Heathy snickers bars (from the Happy Pear)

Coconut raw energy balls (from the Happy Pear)

Blueberry and banana scones (from Foodflicker)

Pear & nut spelt bread (from Dublin Cookery School)

All sorts of smoothies & juices (throw in whatever you have: celery, apples, berries, avocados, yoghurts, honey, carrots, beetroot)

Soups: cauliflower, leek and herb was nice; or try butternut squash and turnip

Lemon chicken thighs

ChiaBia have a great 3-day menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner

LovinDublin always has great recipes & restaurant reviews

Lilly Higgins

lillyhigginsLilly Higgins has a great recipe column in The Irish Times each Friday: “Give me 5: 5 ingredients; 5 star food”. I love the surprise of picking it up and seeing what this week’s challenge is. Here’s a few of the recent recipes that I’ve had fun making and eating:

Rhubarb & fennel salad

 Rhubarb clafoutis

Kuku sabzi (Persian style frittata)

Cucumber and quinoa salad

Chorizo with chickpeas

Lamb chops with greek salad


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