Fat Adaptation Diary: Week 2

The past 10 days have offered sunny weather every day – making it harder to be at work in an office, but so rewarding when I did get outside to walk, train, eat, read or relax. Combined with a sunny weekend, followed by a busy week all over Dublin at work and ending down home in Tramore. Three things I want to focus on today in my blog on nutrition: training, cooking and habits.


I had a stellar week – spending more time than ever out and about. 15 hours over 7 days – getting to run most days, sea swims 4 days running in the Guillamene and 4 bike spins since mid-week. My key run session was 6x1500m on Tuesday and I finished it well – improving my splits. I trained on empty on our Wednesday morning bike spin up the Dublin hills. Then over the weekend I got 2 long spins around Waterford – up Mahon Falls and Seskin Hill with Brendan (100km) and a 90km return trip to Dungarvan – with added bonus of cycling 10km on the new Deise Greenway (opening in August and connecting Waterford to Dungarvan on 40km of bike path). Topping it off were super swims in the Guillameme each evening – the place was packed. The sea really is the best free giant swimming pool.

Cooking & Eating

I’m really happy with what I eat for my 3 main meals. I cook them all, which doesn’t both me – I enjoy cooking and although it takes time, it’s a great switch off. I cook in bulk, so do it 2-3 times a week and freeze portions.

This weekend I even got my family to eat my meals – swallowing their initial scepticism. I’ve been trying recipes from “The Medicinal Chef” by Dale Pinnock. It’s a great book which explains the health benefits of all sort so meat, veg, grains, etc. He talks of food as medicine and how for centuries people have understood this but it’s gotten lost in a world of doctors, treatments, pills, diets, etc. if you want to know why avocados help your heart and skin, read this book.

Anyway recipes: I was cooking for family on Friday and Saturday so wanted summer BBQ food we could eat outside in the evening sun and share on the table. Dale’s book had some great ideas. Light bites like goat’s cheese, red onion & chilli spread, guacamole, roast peppers with white bean mash. Fish mains were hake & prawn skewers with couscous chilli salad. David Gillick also had a nice broccoli and cauliflower gratin the new newspaper (SuperValu Fresh magazine) – so I replaced cauliflower with courgette and we’d a lovely mix on the table. For dessert, mam makes a mean rhubarb tart with ice cream, so I wasn’t going to beat that.

During the week I ate good meals – breakfast is definitely more LCHF as I’m eating more eggs, avocados, tomatoes, puddings, rather than oats, berries which would have had 6-7 days a week before. I’m mixing it up with all sorts of eggs – omelettes, scrambled, boiled or replacing with smoked fish or salmon. I’m still adding bread but trying to add less (harder being away from home in Tramore or in a hotel).


Changing habit is hard. Here’s my progress:

  • Training on empty: not a problem – doing it for 2 swims and 1 bike weekly. Need to do it for a long weekend bike ride.
  • Fasting: failed last week. Problem was I didn’t plan a day. This week it’s Thursday.
  • Snacking: not good – while I’ve lots of fruit at work, I’m still munching on bread, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate once I get home just because it’s close by. Need to stop in the evening.
  • Alcohol free: not great – I’ve had 1-2 drinks on several weekday nights, rather than saying no. I don’t drink loads of pints at weekends but should stop midweek to help sleep better and aid digestion.

I’m meeting Barry this week, so have lots of questions and want to get more disciplined as I feel I’m still skirting around the edges and ament committing 100$ which will end in failure if I don’t.


One thought on “Fat Adaptation Diary: Week 2

  1. Nice one. All your observations are perfectly normal when going LCHF. All I can say is keep going! It gets better and better all the time :))

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