Fat Adaptation Diary: Week 10

Three weeks ago I wrote about some of the challenges I faced while adopting to a Keto/LCHF nutrition approach. Good news is I feel better writing this time around. The act of writing things down, getting thoughts out of your head, accepting them and making a plan to move on is very effective/cathartic.

Quick progress check-in

My 3 meals are good, sleep I generally good (hours & quality), I train on empty by default now, I race with LCHF breakfast and minimal nutrition/fuel through the race, I stretch & do toega more and I meditate most days. I’ve more work to do fasting (e.g. skipping breakfast), cutting out sweet snacks, turning off screens at 9pm and probably need to look at spending more time with family and friends – I enjoy it when I do.

Here’s my daily goal sheet that keeps me honest
Here’s my daily goal sheet that keeps me honest

I learnt habits do change – stopping desserts at lunchtimes for example. Now I just avoid checking what’s on offer and the few times I did walk by, the urge to grab the cheesecake, mousse or pie wasn’t there as much (it’s still there). They didn’t look as appetising (I did succumb a few times). I have fruit at my desk for 3pm break. Out for dinner a few times I’ve opted for the cheese board instead of dessert – and it tasted divine. Not something I would have thought about a while back.

One new challenge I do find with cooking all my meals is lack of variety and repetition of favourites. Since I cook for myself and in bulk – I buy enough veg/fruit/meat for 2-4 people, so I end up cooking & freezing – which works well and is a great time saver having ready-made meals. I ate lots of veg, some pork, chicken, lots of fish, with plenty of chickpeas, lentils and root veg. I probably need to eat more red meat and chicken – my haemoglobin levels (iron) were on low side for blood donation again recently.

An example of my nutrition plan last weekend

I’d the Caroline Kearney Triathlon on Saturday morning. Breakfast consisted of a tomato, fried egg, ½ avocado with crème fraiche, some oakcakes with butter and a bit of cheese. Washed down with coffee (with coconut oil) and off I went. I didn’t both with porridge oats, yoghurt, fruit this time. During the race I drank 500ml of High Five 2:1 flavoured water with electrolytes and a small easy date slice from Dale Pinnock. I didn’t bother eating the isotonic gel I’d taped to the bike (normally I would take it on the run). I felt strong through bike and run (having a good battle with Ben), finishing strongly on the run chasing down 2 guys in the last km (nearly catching Barry). My heart rate was over 175bpm then, so I was working hard (sub 3:30 pace at finish).

Overall I gained confidence racing with a LCHF brekky and keeping race nutrition to a minimum. I definitely don’t need/want 2-3 gels or even a full belly racing. It’s good to know I can race for 2-3 hours of high intensity and maintain form, power, concentration and not having cravings for food. Don’t worry I made up for it after – with the spread of Jaffa cakes, fig rolls, bananas and pork burgers afterwards. A great spread by Midland Triathlon Club.

My goals for next 30 days

  • Cook 1 new recipe a week
  • Stretch daily for 10 minutes
  • Recover: take 1 day off a week
  • Have healthy snacks prepared
  • Spend more time with friends & family

Interesting reads

Ironman Nutrition: How To Burn Fat

What I Eat In A Day: Dublin GAA star Paul Flynn

How do Olympians eat? Clean and, often, very little


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