Dublin City Triathlon 2016 Race Review

DCT-2487-X3DCT has a great reputation and I really was impressed. Piranha club volunteers do such a good job – super course, slick comms, top venue, food and atmosphere. For me the race went well, 17th in 2hr 20 m, although my place is a bit inflated as the depth of quality in the field was not that large. I had a good, not a great race. I was relaxed throughout. Brekky was good LCHF option, with no overeating.

Meeting Sonia O’Sullivan before the race was a highlight. She just sat down beside me and Diarmuid amongst the crowds watching the super series race. She was so relaxed and nonchalant. “Are ye ready for the race?” she asked. “Yep, how about you?” Sonia said it was her first triathlon – I knew she’s been swimming lots in Melbourne and enjoying cycling, so was surprised she hadn’t put it all together. She really was a beginner – curious to ask all sorts of questions “what’s the water like? What time are we off? How many laps do we do? Is it hard?” The world was on its head – shouldn’t we be asking this Olympic medallist and world champion to tell us how to do it, rather than her asking us for advice? Anyway, it was a pleasure – and 4 days later it was a treat to read her DCT race report in the Irish Times today.

Swim was 29min and felt comfortable, although the start was crowded and tiring until we turned at the buoy after 200m. T1 could have had cleaner wetsuit removal from my right leg. Bike mount and getting into shoes not that slick – cost me speed & time. Bike (1h09m) was 4 laps of 10km around the Phoenix Park – it was steady – I pushed but probably could have used gears better to get me up to a faster average speed & higher cadence. I’d a good battle with club mate Gavin though. T2 was clean and my run (30min) was good (4th fastest) but my legs felt tired after the hilly bike. I was moving forward but with mixed waves I didn’t know who I really needed to catch – no sight of Barry up ahead. Delighted to cross the line and really enjoyed the post-race in Islandbridge. 2,500 pizza slices, 1,000 ice cream cones – not something you see every day.

P.S. Goodie bag comment – I know it was billed as the best around, but to be honest I found it all a bit overindulgent and wasteful. Over 20 food/drink nutritional products – most of which I won’t use as they are so far removed from natural food. Reading the list of ingredients, you’d need a chemistry or food supplements degree. I really am amazed that everything has to say “high protein, low carb, zero sugar, extra caffeine, isotonic, BCAAs, multivitamin…” All these sources of energy exist n normal food -so why all the processed stuff?

I’m not criticising the race organisers merely expressing surprise that these products have such a big industry. On the other hand, the dry towel was a welcome addition to the goodie bag, thanks.


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