Making progress on goals & training

Since Caroline Kearney Triathlon 2 weeks ago, I’ve been training away but probably not as focused as (a) I feel fit and (b) the season has been long so motivation can be harder. While I get out most days, and enjoy doing so, I haven’t pushed myself as much (e.g. swim sets or run sets) but that’s also been down to feeling I have to recover. I have done some 3km swim sets and mixed up paces with ladders and some technique work. Running wise I’ve skipped Tuesday intervals due to race recovery but managed Saturday XC pace runs both weeks. I haven’t been able to do a lot of hill work for the upcoming climbs in Achill & Killarney adventure races, but September will give me that, after a block of running the Camino Portugues.

Update on Goals

While I have made progress in 2 weeks:

  • Taking time to recover when tired
  • Cooking some new recipes (beef stir fry, banana carrot loaf)
  • Fasting (skipping breakfast)
  • Running lots in my Luna Sandals.

I haven’t made progress in 3 areas:

  • Stretching 3×10 min a week
  • Turning off social media by 9pm
  • Stabilising my weight (I’m up 5lbs on where I want to be)

I did fix my alarm clock to stop me looking at the phone in bed thought.

New goals

For September my goals for 30 days are fivefold:

  • Spend more genuine time with friends & family
  • Fast in the morning x2 per week
  • Turn off phone by 9.30pm x6
  • Stretch in evening 10min 3
  • Healthy snacks at 3pm x5

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