2016 Blog Stats

My blog has been around for several years now, but it’s always interesting to check out this is there. I’d an active year in 2016 with over 30 posts.  

Most popular posts

Two topics proved popular: travel and race reports followed by food and nutrition. My article from 2013 “Girona: a cyclists paradise” is most popular with over 800 hits. A few local bike sites have linked into it, driving traffic. I also had a few articles on winter cycling in Gran Canaria with people like.

My most active race reports are from Quest Glendalough 2016 and running the Dublin Marathon 2012. My “Fat adaptation diaries” weren’t that popular.

Search keywords

More insightful can be the search words people use to get to your site. Girona and Gran Canaria related bike and cycling searches topped the list. Lots on the Dublin Marathon too. Some of the funnier ones are from people who type of question into Google:

  • Is there many hills in Achill Quest run? (answer: yes a big one called Minaun)
  • How long a run in adventure race in October 2015? (answer: 26km of mountain running in Quest Killarney)
  • How tough is Dingle adventure race? (answer: very, but worth every bit)
  • Can walkers start the Dublin City Marathon? (answer: yes, but in a later wave)

Some of the more random keyword searches were:

  • Riesenschnitzel Gerlos (someone searching for a colossal schnitzel in an Austrian skiing resort)
  • Happy Pear scone recipe (spelt scones, I might make these now)
  • People eat their dinner in the middle of the day (a Jackie Healy Rae reference)
  • Rory McIlroy barefoot (my barefoot workshop photo shows up #3 in results for some reason)
  • The best bread to buy in Spanish supermarket (funnily enough my friend Donna comes up #1 for her Gluten Free Spain blog)

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