Coaching & 360 Feedback

I’ve been working with a personal coach over recent months. He doesn’t tell me about heart rates, mile paces or recovery. He doesn’t blow a whistle or wear a tracksuit.

Nope this coach is helping me with my career. I’m lucky to get the opportunity to avail of some pro-bono coaching.

Coaching – Personal Development

I decide the topics:
• I want to become more self-aware
• I want to make the next jump in my career
• I want to sort out my personal life, I.e. buy a house and get settled.

So far its been a rewarding exercise. I’ve considered what’s important to me – i.e. goal setting what I’d like to achieve. We’ve done this by talking and some prompting questions and listening and guidance. We’ve used some tools like a wheel of life to see what’s important to me and how satisfied I am in those areas.

360 Feedback

Most interestingly, I’ve asked for 360 feedback. It’s a great way of figuring out what you’ve know for and what you do really well plus what might be my blind spots. I asked a mix of work colleagues, friends, family, club members and others I’ve known over the years.

They’ve answered 7 question on things like “3 words to describe David”, to what my blind spots are and what I can do too much of.

The results were anonymous which kept it more objective, than me considering personalities. I genuinely appreciate the time people took to respond with such quality feedback.

It was interesting how consistent the feedback was – people saw similar things in me – some good (humbling and confidence building) and others less good, but all things I can work on, once I know. Things like listening more, being more open/flexible and allowing others discuss ideas before getting a bit frustrated and cut to the chase a bit too directly.

However I’m more aware of that now and definitely can see how I need to be conscious to work with people, think more about how they feel and not just what they think.

So lots of food for thought. I’m inspired to make myself a better person.


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