Rotterdam: Name the Triathlete

The Mexican gear with the floral theme

One of the best things about racing aboard is the World Cup of nations you met and get to race a against. The Mexicans had the best gear, hands down, inspired with their Aztec floral design on every piece of kit – from arm warmers to bras (so I was told!).

With over 100 nations and 2,000 athletes, I’m always fascinated by the mix of names. Normally you don’t know a strangers name, walking down the street. But triathlon rules means your national kit must have your surname – so I got IRL and POWER for everyone to cheer. I did get a loud Cockney shouting “Come on Ireland, strong running!” never before have I been identified as a country – the running face of Hibernia for a fleeting moment perhaps?

Anyway I wanted to write about the great mix of exotic sounding names. I narrowed it down to the 100+ men in my age group 35-39. From lovely Latin double barrelled names, to real Dutch names, to the melange of a North American immigrant surnames.

Japan and Ireland come together at opening ceremony

They remind me of Cuban boxers, Norwegian cyclists, Mexican musicians, Danish golfers, Dublin bike stores. Then we have 4 Irish names which sound, well no offence, but so bog standard. Who ever went to school with someone called Hernandez Cervantes??

Latin Long Names

Edgar Alonso Fonseca Najera (MEX)
Tarsicio Hernandez Cervantes (MEX)
Allan Emmanuel Dos Santos Silva (BRA)

Proper Northern European

Hendrik Becker (GER)
Michiel Grootegoed (NED)
Pim Kalisvaart (NED)
Erik Krohn-Hansen (NOR)

America & Beyond

Brent Ruge (USA)
Michael Sikorski (USA)
Blaine Woodwock (CAN)
Steve Hollingsworth (CAN)
Kris Zelinsky (CAN)
Richard Dando (GBR)
Leigh Anderson-Voigt (AUS)

No Messing Irish



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