dublin_marathon_2012_800.jpgI think you know me, so I’ll save the details. I’m 33, Irish, live in Dublin. I work. I play lots of sports. What more you need?I’m from the seaside town of Tramore in County Waterford. It’s a great town, with a fantastic beach. Only since I’ve moved away do I realise appreciate how cool a place it is. Sport is definately something I love – I need a bigger apartment and car if I’m going to take up any more sports.

I’m not a world beater at any of them, but running is my best sport. I love watching and playing football, as well as the odd round of golf, combined with triathlons over the summer, running races and even a bit of surfing.

Travel is something I can’t stop doing – especially if it’s to somewhere new. I’ve been to South America a few times, so would like to explore more, although SE Asia did really surprise me in 2009 so I’m definately going to go back soon. Closer to home, once the sun shines you can have a fantastic time in Ireland – weekends away are the best (especially with all the motorways now!). Spain and particularly Catalunya are places I visit every year.

Ponte del Vecchio, Bassano del Grappa (2009)

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  1. Hi David, i have just found you blog about Girona. I’m heading in September for a weeks cycling and was wondering where i could get more details of the routes you cycled. Unfortunately my phone (Windows) doesnt support Strava so i can’t import routes that way.
    Any other help/advise will be greatly appreciated.
    Declan McStay

    1. Hi Declan – I work for Microsoft so delighted to hear you have a Windows Phone. Do you use Runtastic app on WP? I like that. From Strava you should be able to download the .GPX files and use in whatever app you have. Also the guys in Bike Breaks Girona have maps/routes. I just made a plan each day – mix of coast, mountains, lakes. It’s all there for ya!

  2. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I tried to import the routes to my phone using mapmyride but it hasn’t worked. I’ll have to give it a bit of thought when i get home. I think i’ll give Runtastic a go, thanks.

  3. Hi David.
    9 of us are going to Girona in mid July for 4 days of cycling. We will be flying into Barcelona from London and I have 2 questions that you can hopefully help with?
    1. We will be flying with our bikes in bike cases. Do you recommend we take the train from the airport to Girona or should we look at alternative means of transport?
    2. Are there any cyclist friendly hotels in Girona you can recommend and what area of Girona do you recommend we stay in so as to have good street restaurants nearby as well as allowing us easy access to the countryside and the various routes? We plan to do around 120 km’s a day and we will do a hub and spoke tour i.e. each day we will set off from the hotel and return back there.
    I’d really appreciate your thoughts?

  4. Hi Rob – I’m not sure if there’s a direct train from the airport…if not, just take the local train into Estació Sants and there are regular trains to Girona (about an hour). Best to book in advance online at http://www.renfe.es.
    For accommodation, the city is small, so try stay within 10-15 mins walk of Barri Vell (old town). I stayed near Placa de Catalunya and there are various hotels around there and over towards train station. Anywhere near the river should be a good start.
    Some great routes – enjoy!

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