Coaching journey: day 2

16 October 2020 Friday night after a 2nd day of learning over Zoom. I feel good, a nice tired, after having packed a lot into a day and learnt a lot. Getting to know people, who shared deeply personal stories and feelings - it was a privilege to listen. Dawn run My day started in … Continue reading Coaching journey: day 2

My Coaching Journey continues

15 October 2020 Anticipation A new chapter begins. I woke up this morning with a nice feeling of expectation. Anticipation of continuing my journey of self-discovery and becoming a better person in this world. I started a diploma in coaching today, which after 9 months of intense reflection, practice, listening and talking, I will hopefully … Continue reading My Coaching Journey continues

Close contacts & pitstops on the mountains

Trial race for world championships in mountain running Ballyhoura Mountains, Co. Limerick – 8th August 2020 3h 49m 47s – 8th place Last weekend I took part in a trial race, for the Irish team to compete at the World Mountain Running Championships, which is scheduled to take place in November in Lanzarote. The Irish … Continue reading Close contacts & pitstops on the mountains

One Day Video: Carrickmines run and Three Rock cycle

Recently I've started recording some videos with my smartphone while outdoors exploring. The #2kmfromhome restrictions on movement have been in place for 2 months and while they have been limiting to our normal routine, in other ways they have been enlightening. We have all probably discovered things around the corner that we never knew existed. … Continue reading One Day Video: Carrickmines run and Three Rock cycle