Quest Glendalough 2019 Report

3rd place, 3h21m, 60km, +1800m My third time out in Glendalough and it turned out well – 3rd place after 3+ hours of slogging up and down Wicklow’s finest hills. I really do love these events – the Quest team open up beautiful parts of our country, where we get to battle it out with … Continue reading Quest Glendalough 2019 Report


Bohermeen Half Marathon: Smashed my PB

PB by 90 seconds – 75:41 (3:35 pace) – 19th of 1,200 competitors Country village races are just better The smaller the community the better the vent. All you need is a pub, a church, a school, a community centre or GAA pitch and a big field for a car park. Oh, and let’s not … Continue reading Bohermeen Half Marathon: Smashed my PB

The Love of Sport: Special Olympics

This week we hosted loads of Special Olympics athletes in our offices at Microsoft Ireland. They are a mix of men and women of all ages, who take part in the games in various sports like table tennis, golf, dancing, football and basketball. I was touched by the challenges these people face and how they … Continue reading The Love of Sport: Special Olympics

Book Review: Off Balance (Matthew Kelly)

I read a nice short book recently which got me to think differently about the perennial question that every worker now faces: “how do I find the balance between work and my life?” We live in a crazy, always on, smartphone-centered world. The answer Kelly gives is that we’re asking the wrong question. I was … Continue reading Book Review: Off Balance (Matthew Kelly)

Canada & Quebec: What’s different?

Canada is a peaceful place. The pace of life is calm, even in the city. Drivers are patient. Cyclists are well lit and wrapped up. Streets have character, with unique shopfronts. Lots of Irish surnames – Murphy, Maguire, Mulcahy. Plenty of British influence: spelling - “centre” not “center”’; a bronze statue of the Queen on … Continue reading Canada & Quebec: What’s different?

Comparing Quebec and Ireland

Visiting Quebec for 2 weeks this autumn has made me think a lot about the parallels between these 2 places. Even though they are very proud of their language and heritage, they're not anti-British or anti royalty. They still show that patriotism to fight. On the face of it, you see so many differences: language, … Continue reading Comparing Quebec and Ireland