The Joys of Reading on the Web

I love reading and learning about new perspectives and things. The web has opened up a world of great writers, bloggers and journalists. I want to share the mix of sources I follow – as everyone has a unique insight to this world. My essential reads list covers football, triathlon, running, economics, technology, travel and … Continue reading The Joys of Reading on the Web

Rotterdam: Name the Triathlete

One of the best things about racing aboard is the World Cup of nations you met and get to race a against. The Mexicans had the best gear, hands down, inspired with their Aztec floral design on every piece of kit – from arm warmers to bras (so I was told!). With over 100 nations … Continue reading Rotterdam: Name the Triathlete

Frankfurt Airport Runaround

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about running around Frankfurt, whether it’s the airport during a stopover or downtown by the river, read on. I was there twice recently, so thought the novelty of running around the airport was worth writing about. Definitely recommended if you have a layover…  Frankfurt airport run around: 19k, 90 … Continue reading Frankfurt Airport Runaround

Saalbach Ski Holiday 2016

Our annual college reunion happens on the slopes of Austria. This year I met my mates from Rotterdam in Saalbach, along with my good mate Mossy. Six of us in total – plus our no show German. Saalbach was a new destination for us all – we’ve been all over the Austrian alps since 2012 … Continue reading Saalbach Ski Holiday 2016

Do you remember the 80s? (under 30s only)

Ok, so it's 9 years since 9/11 happened. Watching a documentary on it over the weekend, it still looks surreal. The little planes hitting the towers look like flies hitting sticks. Then you realise it's not from Independence Day or any other movie. It made me think of where I was that day? It's our … Continue reading Do you remember the 80s? (under 30s only)

Deadly comedy: Des Bishop

I love Twitter. It's great for free stuff. You're only one tweet away from your favourite celebrities. First it was golf with George Hook and now it's free tickets to comedy gigs. I just saw Des Bishop's new show "My Dad was nearly James Bond". He's launching it at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival during August … Continue reading Deadly comedy: Des Bishop