Book Review: Run Wild

Book review on Run Wild by Boff Whalley - musician & runner.


Tramore’s Beach & Backstrand

Everybody from Tramore, and probably anyone living within an hour’s drive, loves the beach in Tramore. At Christmas time, with so many people home, you release how special it is to have on our doorstep. I’ve been walking down the beach every day. It’s a great place to meet neighbours, friends, runners, dogs, horses, kitesurfers, … Continue reading Tramore’s Beach & Backstrand

Book Review: The Body Electric

Reading medical books for leisure isn’t one of my preferred hobbies. But I did just read a really insightful book called “The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life” (see Amazon page). It was published over 30 years ago by a top researcher in the US, Robert Becker. You might think it’s dated or … Continue reading Book Review: The Body Electric

John Power – An Inspiration For Us All

Do you remember where you were in August 2005? The news was full of the war in Iraq, Tiger Woods was at the peak of his powers, apparently “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter was at no.1 (I admit, had to lookup the YouTube video) and Tyrone and Cork were on their way to All-Ireland success. … Continue reading John Power – An Inspiration For Us All

A Few Good Reads: Part 2

Recently I reviewed two cycling books, but this blog is about two different but absorbing books. First, The Happiness Advantage helped me understand success in life; while the second, The Day the World Came to Town, was a great people story about a tragic event, 9/11. The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor This book sounded like … Continue reading A Few Good Reads: Part 2

A Few Good Cycling Reads

I've read a bunch of good books lately. Reading is a great way to switch off - it absorbs all of your attention. You can't tweet and read. You can't talk and read. You can't drive and read. It's all consuming. Which is something we don't have enough of these days, with constant distractions of … Continue reading A Few Good Cycling Reads

Books Worth Reading

Here’s a selection of books I’ve read over the past year that I think you might like – a mix of sports books, crime fiction, adventurers biographies and more. Healthy Intelligent Training: The Proven Principles of Arthur Lydiard by Keith Livingstone I’ve written before about my shift to understanding movement and the application of barefoot … Continue reading Books Worth Reading

2011: Amazing people fill this world

Last year I’ve met some inspirational people, who’ve achieved amazing things in life and in sport. By meeting these people, they make you realise that the sky really is the limit. Shoot for the stars and who knows where you’ll land… First off I think of Nuala Moore, a Kerrywoman who has done so many remarkable … Continue reading 2011: Amazing people fill this world