Women in Tech: Hopper Local / Dublin Conference

I don’t get out of the office much. Today, I only left the building for a 10 minute walk at lunchtime. But it was a really enlightening day, not my usual mix of emails, meetings and evening calls. Microsoft hosted the first ever Hopper event outside the USA, and I was lucky enough to get … Continue reading Women in Tech: Hopper Local / Dublin Conference

Coaching & 360 Feedback

I’ve been working with a personal coach over recent months. He doesn’t tell me about heart rates, mile paces or recovery. He doesn’t blow a whistle or wear a tracksuit. Nope this coach is helping me with my career. I’m lucky to get the opportunity to avail of some pro-bono coaching. Coaching - Personal Development … Continue reading Coaching & 360 Feedback

What makes us tick: motivation & peak performance

Over the past 7 weeks, I’ve been taking part in a 10 week programme at work, focusing on improving the personal and professional performance of everybody on the course. We’re a small group of 25 people from all parts of Microsoft. Different jobs, teams, families, priorities, ages, genders, nationalities. What has brought us together is … Continue reading What makes us tick: motivation & peak performance

Project Management Ireland National Conference

The premier project management event in Ireland this year took place on April 10th in the Aviva Conference Centre Dublin. I was lucky to attend with a number of Microsoft colleagues. It was organised by the Ireland Chapter of the Project Management Institute. Complimenting the schedule outlined below were networking and panel discussion sessions along … Continue reading Project Management Ireland National Conference