Fat Adaptation Diary: Week 10

Three weeks ago I wrote about some of the challenges I faced while adopting to a Keto/LCHF nutrition approach. Good news is I feel better writing this time around. The act of writing things down, getting thoughts out of your head, accepting them and making a plan to move on is very effective/cathartic. Quick progress … Continue reading Fat Adaptation Diary: Week 10

Fat Adaptation Diary: Week 7

It’s nearly 2 months since early June when I made a commitment to improve my overall nutrition, with the goals of living a healthier life, feeling better and being able to perform better. I started well, as we all do, full of enthusiasm and bright ideas on changing the world. I shared 2 quick blog … Continue reading Fat Adaptation Diary: Week 7

Fat Adaptation Diary: Week 2

The past 10 days have offered sunny weather every day – making it harder to be at work in an office, but so rewarding when I did get outside to walk, train, eat, read or relax. Combined with a sunny weekend, followed by a busy week all over Dublin at work and ending down home … Continue reading Fat Adaptation Diary: Week 2

Yummy Hummus & Dip Recipes

This year I’ve really enjoyed cooking new recipes and discovering how tasty and healthy food can be. Recently I cooked for friends and family and got great compliments and requests for the recipes of a couple of dips. So here they are, compliments of Dublin Cookery School:  1. hummus and 2. feta and pistachio nut dip. Trial … Continue reading Yummy Hummus & Dip Recipes

Food for Thought: Paleo & Wholefoods

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for months. Since January I’ve been on a culinary & nutritional journey, discovering so many great things about food, how to fuel my body and cooking new recipes and sampling new treats. It’s been really enjoyable. I like reading about different nutritional approaches and have taken something … Continue reading Food for Thought: Paleo & Wholefoods

The Joy of Food & Cooking

I love food. I mean, I know we need it to survive and it's something you can find everywhere, in infinite varieties and flavours. Yet sometimes we treat as a necessity, a fuel and don't enjoy the experience. TV dinners, or now smartphone/Facebook dinners more like, combined with fast food, preservatives and endless choice of … Continue reading The Joy of Food & Cooking

Galicia: A Seafood Lover’s Paradise

Galicia is known for its food, its history, its climate and landscapes. Let me share some of the bits I loved, starting with the race venue of Pontevedra. The City: Pontevedra Pontevedra is a lovely city, I’d go back to explore the history, food, nightlife and surrounding countryside. It has a well preserved Casco Viejo, … Continue reading Galicia: A Seafood Lover’s Paradise