Close contacts & pitstops on the mountains

Trial race for world championships in mountain running Ballyhoura Mountains, Co. Limerick – 8th August 2020 3h 49m 47s – 8th place Last weekend I took part in a trial race, for the Irish team to compete at the World Mountain Running Championships, which is scheduled to take place in November in Lanzarote. The Irish … Continue reading Close contacts & pitstops on the mountains

Back racing up mountains: Lug na Coille

3rd place in 59 minutes over 10.5km and +700m of climbing after 4 months without racing Writing a race report while sitting on a camping chair in the middle of the Glen of Imaal artillery firing range may sound dangerous. It's Sunday afternoon, so judging by the silence, I reckon the army are having a … Continue reading Back racing up mountains: Lug na Coille

One Day Video: Carrickmines run and Three Rock cycle

Recently I've started recording some videos with my smartphone while outdoors exploring. The #2kmfromhome restrictions on movement have been in place for 2 months and while they have been limiting to our normal routine, in other ways they have been enlightening. We have all probably discovered things around the corner that we never knew existed. … Continue reading One Day Video: Carrickmines run and Three Rock cycle

My Favourite mountain running memory

Recently, the Irish Mountain Running Association asked us to get creative and competitive, by organising a writing competition. So no mountains involved in the harming of the production, it could all be done safely from home. It was great to see a mix of entries from all ages - juniors to seasoned athletes. Some remarkable … Continue reading My Favourite mountain running memory

What’s the future of mass participation sports events in 2020?

As a race organiser, the implications of cancelled and postponed events is real with lots of uncertainty and unknowns. In recent days, the Irish government has cancelled all mass gatherings until the end of the summer, impacting all sporting, concerts, public gatherings and social events. I thought I’d share some ideas, given my experience from … Continue reading What’s the future of mass participation sports events in 2020?

Exploring My Neighbourhood

We've all been living #StayatHome and while it's been limiting and taken us all some adjusting to, in many ways there have been positives. For me I've enjoyed so much being able to continue training on foot and bike. Adapting to the 2km limits has made it surprisingly interesting, resurrecting a curiosity in what's on … Continue reading Exploring My Neighbourhood

Masters Cross Country

This year is only 2 weeks old, yet I already have 3 medals. You might think GAA calendars are packed but in athletics it’s peak cross-country season. Especially if you’re of the mature vintage, or as athletes officially become known as “masters” when they hit 35. The species of runner who may still be young … Continue reading Masters Cross Country