Exploring Ardmore & West Waterford

The concept of a staycation will be one of the words of the summer of 2020. I think it’s a great idea to make us all realise we don’t need to jet off far away to have a good time, both physically, culturally and gastronomically. In July, we spent a weekend on holidays in our … Continue reading Exploring Ardmore & West Waterford

Exploring La Palma

Hiking & running in one of the lesser known Canary Islands (December 2018) Visiting “la Isla Verde” Our 14th year away at Christmas, since John left us in 2005. We've always gone away. I look forward to it, so this time split my time by discovering a new island: La Palma. I’d read a blog … Continue reading Exploring La Palma

Canada & Quebec: What’s different?

Canada is a peaceful place. The pace of life is calm, even in the city. Drivers are patient. Cyclists are well lit and wrapped up. Streets have character, with unique shopfronts. Lots of Irish surnames – Murphy, Maguire, Mulcahy. Plenty of British influence: spelling - “centre” not “center”’; a bronze statue of the Queen on … Continue reading Canada & Quebec: What’s different?

Comparing Quebec and Ireland

Visiting Quebec for 2 weeks this autumn has made me think a lot about the parallels between these 2 places. Even though they are very proud of their language and heritage, they're not anti-British or anti royalty. They still show that patriotism to fight. On the face of it, you see so many differences: language, … Continue reading Comparing Quebec and Ireland

Charity Events at Work: What I Learnt

In September 2018, I took part in a charity fundraiser with my colleagues at Microsoft Ireland. A team of 80 people fundraised over €110,000 for Ireland’s only children’s hospice, Laura Lynn. I wanted to share my thoughts on all the great things that I learnt by taking part, both from a personal and team point … Continue reading Charity Events at Work: What I Learnt