Race day – Rotterdam Triathlon (World Championships 2017)

Race report from Rotterdam Triathlon - ITU World Championships 2017


Rotterdam: Name the Triathlete

One of the best things about racing aboard is the World Cup of nations you met and get to race a against. The Mexicans had the best gear, hands down, inspired with their Aztec floral design on every piece of kit – from arm warmers to bras (so I was told!). With over 100 nations … Continue reading Rotterdam: Name the Triathlete

Race Report: Jailbreak Cobh Triathlon

https://www.flickr.com/photos/jancek/34842408953/in/album-72157682945422153/ Jailbreak - who wouldn’t like to swim away from an island back to the mainland? If they can do it in Alcatraz, Cork won’t be outdone. After years of going to Kinsale, for a great race and weekend at King of the Hill, I decided to give Cobh a go, mainly due to the … Continue reading Race Report: Jailbreak Cobh Triathlon

Duathlon Race Report – RD view

This is a race report with a difference. For a race I didn't even take part in. The Phoenix Park Duathlon took place on 22nd April 2017 with over 200 competitors. I was one of the 40 Belpark Tri Club volunteers who made it happen. Here's my report from the race director's (RD) eyes. Where … Continue reading Duathlon Race Report – RD view

TI Race Organisers Summit

25 February 2017 – Athlone I.T.: I always saw a race director as a stressed looking individual busily moving around a race transition zone – clipboard in one hand, phone or walkie talkie in the other. Telling other people in hi-viz jackets where you can and can’t park your bike, or what time wave 3 … Continue reading TI Race Organisers Summit

Duathlon Doodling from Mondello

Ten things I learned from doing the 2016 National Duathlon Championships around Mondello Racetrack last weekend. 1. Draft legal bike racing is hard You need to be so much more aware of who’s coming behind you and who’s wheel you can stay with 2. Bike power is key Your ability to surge for 5-15 sec … Continue reading Duathlon Doodling from Mondello

Winter Training in Gran Canaria

After 4 days of cycling over Christmas in Gran Canaria, I thought I’d share my reasons for coming here and why it’s such a good base for warm weather winter training, whether you’re a runner, cyclist or triathlete. I've written about Christmas Cycling in Gran Canaria before, in 2014, 2012 and 2011 so trying to … Continue reading Winter Training in Gran Canaria

So how’s 2015 going?

Seven months into 2015 and I’m happy with my year so far. 16 races done across several disciplines – from cross country and duathlons over the colder winter/spring months, then moving onto road races, adventures races and triathlons. I’ve had some great results – 2nd in Blackstairs Adventure Race, 1st team in Wicklow Way Relay, … Continue reading So how’s 2015 going?