Race Results

My race results from 2010-2019 in triathlon, duathlon, cycling, swimming, mountain running and road running are available below.

For a list of all my race reports over the years, click here: https://dapower.wordpress.com/category/race-report/

Personal Best Times

Marathon:           2:38:04 (2019 – Frankfurt)
Half-marathon:   1:13:42 (2020 – Den Haag)
10 mile:               0:55:58 (2020 – Dungarvan)
10km:                  0:33:56 (2019 – Dublin)
5 mile:                 0:27:20 (2015 – Dungarvan)
5km:                    0:16:06 (2019 – Kilkenny)
1 mile:                  5:09 (2012 – Barcelona)


Date Sport Race Name Time Position
6-Sep Athletics National Masters 5000m (M35) 16:50 13th
14-16 Aug Hike Comeraghs, Knockmealdowns, Galtees

3 day charity hike (92km total)

8-Aug Athletics IMRA World Trials (Ballyhoura) 3:49:42 8th
19-Jul Athletics IMRA Lug na Coille 0:59:26 3rd
8-Mar Athletics Loop Den Haag 1:13:42 PB 133rd
22-Feb Triathlon Tramore Duathlon 0:57:28 11th
20-Feb Athletics Gorey Night Run 16:10 3rd
8-Feb Athletics National Masters XC 25:58 27th
2-Feb Athletics John Treacy 10 55:58 PB 38th
12-Jan Athletics Leinster Masters XC 21:59 8th
5-Jan Athletics Dublin Masters XC 21:56 8th


Date Sport Race Name Time Position
22-Dec Athletics Garafia Trail 21km 2:17 8th
15-Dec Athletics National Novice XC 22:25 32nd
8-Dec Athletics Waterford Half Marathon 1:15:58 20th
24-Nov Athletics National Senior XC 40:03 121st
3-Nov Athletics New York City Marathon 2:46::45 444th
27-Oct Athletics Frankfurt Marathon 2:38:04 PB 181st
22-Sep Athletics Porto Half Marathon 1:16:27 41st
14-Sep Adventure Quest Lough Derg 3:17 6th
7-Sep Triathlon Glin Tri 1:19 5th
30-Aug Triathlon Lost Sheep (Middle Distance) 4:50 12th
17-Aug Hike Comeraghs n/a
10-Aug Triathlon Lough Neagh Tri 2:23 16th
4-Aug Triathlon Carrick-on-Suir Tri 1:20 65th
31-Jul Athletics IMRA Ballinastoe DNF
27-Jul Athletics IMRA Lugnacoille 59m 7th
24-Jul Athletics IMRA Brockagh 53m 2nd
17-Jul Athletics IMRA Djouce 57m 5th
8-Jul Triathlon Wicklow Harbourman (NC) 2:09 31st
3-Jul Athletics IMRA Trooperstown 43:57 4th
26-Jun Triathlon Bray Aquathon 24:35 2nd
20-Jun Athletics Docklands 5k 16:36 10th
15-Jun Triathlon Dunmore East 1:12 34th
8-Jun Adventure Dingle Adventure Race 3:09 4th
1-Jun Athletics Timahoe 10 58:13 2nd
29-May Athletics IMRA Carrick 36:56 5th
26-May Triathlon Lough Cutra (Mixed Relay & Standard) 2h34m




23-May Athletics Staff Relay 17:06 8th team
22-May Athletics IMRA Three Rock 41:06 5th
18-May Athletics Wicklow Way Relay (leg 7) 7h14m


12-May Athletics IMRA Seefin 60:19 1st
28-Apr Athletics Night Run 10km 33:56 PB 1st
21-Apr Duathlon Clonmel Duathlon 1:11 3rd
19-Apr Athletics Faugheen 5km 16:16 4th
18-Apr Athletics Streets of Kilkenny 5km 16:06 PB 12th
14-Apr Athletics Great Ireland Run 10km 34:15 51st
6-Apr Adventure Race Quest Glendalough 3:21 3rd
10-Mar Athletics Bohermeen Half 1:15:41 19th
23-Feb Duathlon Tramore Duathlon 59:38 17th
3-Feb Athletics John Treacy 10m 56:14 26th
13-Jan Athletics Leinster Masters XC 20:55 12th
6-Jan Athletics Dublin Masters XC 21:52 8th


Date Sport Race Name Time Position
30-Dec Athletics Greenway 10k 35:48 7th
15-Dec Athletics National Novice XC 6k 21:36 64th
1-Dec Athletics Waterford Half Marathon 1:17:25 27th
25-Nov Athletics National Senior XC 10k 35:42 108th
18-Nov Athletics The Stook 59:40 2nd
11-Nov Athletics Leinster Senior XC 10k 37:45 22nd
7-Oct Adventure Race Quest Killarney 4:17 3rd
30-Sep Athletics Rathfarnham 5k 17:05 80th
27-Sep Athletics Sandyford 5k 17:39 8th
22-Sep Triathlon Port Beach Tri 1:10 62nd
16-Sep Athletics Danesfort 10k 36:45 7th
15-Sep Triathlon Athlone Tri 1:04 3rd
05-Aug Swim Dun Laoghaire Harbour Swim 40:43
11-Aug Triathlon Tri the Lough 3:??
22-Jul Triathlon Belfast Tri DNF
16-Jul Triathlon Wicklow Tri (NC) 3:01
16-Jun Triathlon Dunmore East HOBC 1:30 271st
9-Jun Adventure Race Dingle 3:05
27-May Triathlon Lough Cutra Castle 2:51:03 134th
24-May Athletics Staff Relay 17:42 19th team
19-May Athletics Wicklow Way Leg 2 1:10:46 2nd team
22-Apr Athletics National Road Relays
15-Apr Athletics National 10km 35:51
7-Apr Athletics Maurice Mullins Trail 1:57 8th
31-Mar Athletics Knockmealdowns Half Marathon 2:10 2nd
25-Feb Athletics Kilmac 4 mile  22:32 11th
24-Feb Duathlon Tramore Duathlon  1:01:32  18th
4-Feb Athletics IMRA Trooperstown 42:32 4th
 4-Feb Athletics John Treacy 10 Mile  56:32 31st
14-Jan Athletics Leinster Masters XC  21:18 17th
7-Jan Athletics Dublin Masters XC  22:10 14th


Date Sport Race Name Time Position
17-Dec Athletics National Novice XC  21:34  44th
3-Dec Athletics Dublin Intermediate XC  27:40 7th
26-Nov Athletics National Senior XC 36:30 99th
07-Oct Adventure Race Killarney  3:12 1st 
17-Sep Triathlon Rotterdam 2:14:02 52nd AG
27-Aug Triathlon DCT  2:21:20 33rd
10-Aug Swim Dun Laoghaire Harbour 0:43:07 156th
09-Aug Triathlon Caroline Kearney 2:15:34 71st
16-Jul Swim Killiney
16-Jul Swim Portmarnock
 16-Jul  Triathlon  Two Provinces  1:06:31  17th
 14-Jul  Swim  Wicklow  28m
 9-Jul Triathlon Harbourman Wicklow  2:18:32 9th
 1-Jul Triathlon  Jailbreak Cobh  2:04:41  22nd
 25-Jun Swim  Bull Wall  33m
 16-Jun Swim  Wicklow  29m
 21-Jun Aquathon  Bray 30:35  7th
 11-Jun Adventure Race  Dingle  2:54 6th
14-May Triathlon TriCarlow  1:11:16 31st
13-May Athletics Wicklow Way Relay – Leg 7  1:30 3rd team
15-Apr Athletics Butlerstown 4 mile 22:38 12th
8-Apr Adventure Race Quest Glendalough 3:15:50 8th
24-Mar Athletics Maurice Mullins Trail 1:56 1st 


Date Sport Race Name Time Position
 6-Nov  Cross Country  Dublin Senior XC  33:40  35th
8-Oct Athletics Cal Neva Marathon (Lake Tahoe) 2:58 1st 
1-Oct Adventure Race Quest Killarney  3:51  7th
25-Sep Athletics Grande Trail Serra D’Arga 33km  3:22  13th
24-Sep Athletics Grande Trail Serra D’Arga Sunset 17km 1:15 5th
17-Sep Triathlon Port Beach  1:05:13  21st
13-Sep Athletics Grant Thornton 5km  16:16  26th
3-Sep Adventure Race Quest Achill  2:58  4th
27-Aug Triathlon Dublin City  2:20:45 17th
24-Aug Aquathon Bray 0:29:19 7th
13-Aug Triathlon Caroline Kearney 2:13:38 18th
30-Jul Cycling Tour de Kilkenny 5:43:00
27-Jul Aquathon Bray 0:27:56 4th
23-Jul Triathlon Kinsale  1:13:27  13th
16-Jul Triathlon Two Provinces 1:07:11 67th
25-Jun Triathlon Hell of the West  2:31:27  115th
11-Jun Adventure Race Dingle 3:04:28 5th
23-May Triathlon TriCarlow  1:08  36th
22-May Athletics Wicklow Way Relay  57:10  2nd team & 2nd on leg
30-Apr Athletics Asdee 10km  35:57  2nd
23-Apr Adventure Race Quest Glendalough  3:13  4th
17-Apr Athletics Road Relays: 2 mile 0:10:09 21st team
10-Apr Athletics National 10km  34:47  51st
2-Apr Duathlon Mondello National Champs 1:56:12 35th
26-Mar Athletics Wicklow Way Trail 1:56:51 3rd
21-Feb Duathlon Naas Duathlon 1:01:xx 35th
31-Jan Athletics John Treacy 10 mile  0:56:37  13th
24-Jan Athletics Intermediate XC 8k 0:29:31 19th
17-Jan Duathlon Naas 0:59:30 9th


Date Sport Race Name Time Position
26-Dec Athletics Maspalomas 10km  39:05  22nd
6-Dec Cross Country National Novice 6km  21:53  70th
29-Nov Cross Country Dublin Intermediate 29:53 12th (team bronze)
22-Nov Cross Country Interclubs 36:32 104th
7-Nov Adventure Race Sea 2 Summit  3:02  9th
1-Nov Cross Country Dublin Senior 37:57  43rd
11-Oct Athletics Victoria, BC 8km 28:06 9th
3-Oct Adventure Race Killarney  ~3:50  n/a
26-Sep Triathlon Port Beach (N.C. Sprint)  1:06:16  31st
20-Sep Athletics Porto Half Marathon  1:18:56  87th
5-Sep Adventure Race Achill ROAR  3:11  5th
01-Sep Athletics GT Corporate 5km  16:00  26th
23-Aug Cycling Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford  5:50
21-Aug Athletics GSK Dungarvan 5 mile 27:20 7th
09-Aug Swim An Snámh Fada  0:22:00
08-Aug Triathlon Caroline Kearney  2:13:48  40th
28-Jul Triathlon Belfast  2:18:58  57th
13-Jul Adventure Race Moxie Pro  3:05  4th
8-Jul Aquathon Bray 0:30:56 5th
5-Jul Triathlon Carrick-on-Suir 1:05 15th
18-Jun Athletics Docklands 5km 16:42 8th
13-Jun Triathlon Hook or by Crook 1:09:03 22nd
6-Jun Adventure Race Dingle Adventure Race 2:49 5th
23-May Athletics Wicklow Way Relay (Leg 5) 7:28(56m) 1st
17-May Triathlon Tri795 Carlow 1:10:34 42nd
3-May Adventure Race Blackstairs Adventure Race 2:33:18 2nd
29-Apr Duathlon European Championships, Madrid 2:10:12 16th
11-Apr Athletics National 10km 0:35:31 71st
29-Mar Duathlon Ennis (NC) 1:35:11 43rd
22-Mar Duathlon Naas 1:00:58 22nd
08-Mar Athletics Ballycotton 10 0:57:34 52nd
01-Mar Cross Country Interclub Nationals 0:42:51 44th
08-Feb Trail Golden Gate Trail Half Marathon 1:28:12 2nd
18-Jan Cross Country Leinster Senior 0:37:31 24th


Date Sport Race Name Time Position
28-Dec Athletics Baldy Man 0:33:03 7th
7-Dec Cross Country National Novice 6km  0:22:20  60th
27-Nov Athletics Carson City Turkey Trot 0:27:23 1st
16-Nov Mountain Run LlagosTrail Riduara 28km  2:13  4th
2-Nov Cross Country Dublin Senior (9.1k) 0:31:36 3xth
7-Oct Adventure Race Killarney 3:54:57 5th
12-Sep Triathlon Blacksod 2:15:41 13th
2-Sep Athletics Grant Thornton 5km 0:16:34 27th
24-Aug Cycling Sean Kelly Tour 160km 5:50:00
22-Aug Athletics GSK Dungarvan 5 mile 0:27:39 9th
15-Aug Athletics Ballyduff 5 mile 0:28:14 3rd
10-Aug Triathlon Caroline Kearney 2:10:33 31st
06-Aug Duathlon Phoenix Park 0:57:03 4th
26-Jul Triathlon King of the Hill 1:10:21 13th
18-Jul Athletics Alan Everett 5 mile 0:28:36 8th
12-Jul Triathlon Two Provinces 1:04:50 32nd
02-Jul Duathlon Phoenix Park 0:41:27 [incl 2 min penalty] 7th [3rd before penalty]
21-Jun Triathlon Hook or by Crook 1:19:15 17th
07-Jun Adventure Race Dingle Adventure Race  3:13:xx 9th
01-Jun Duathlon World Duathlon Champs  2:08:23 25th
07-May IMRA Scalp 0:24:08 2nd
04-May Adventure Race Blackstairs Adventure Race 3:35:48 1st
26-Apr Athletics Dingle 10km 0:36:42 1st
13-Apr Athletics Splashworld 10km 0:34:56 4th
05-Apr Duathlon National Champs 2:01:14 33rd
02-Mar Cross Country Interclub 12km 44:20 39th (6th club)
23-Feb Cross Country Intermediate 8km 30:03 18th (3rd club)
26-Jan Athletics John Treacy 10 mile 58:24 55th


Date Sport Race Name Time Position
28-Dec Athletics Baldy Man 8km 33:50 4th
15-Dec Cross Country National Novice 6km 21:32 66th
01-Dec Cross Country Dublin Intermediate 8km 30:33 25th
10-Nov Cross Country Leinster Intermediate 8km 28:36 15th
27-Oct Cross Country Leinster Novices 6km 22:10 25th
04-Oct Adventure Race Killarney Adventure Race 4:12 4th
14-Sep Adventure Race Wicklow Adventure Race 3:29 3rd
08-Sep Swim Glendalough 3.9k 1:19
31-Aug Triathlon Hook or by Crook Sprint 1:19:08  14th
24-Aug Cycling Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford 5:40:00
21-Aug IMRA Ticknock 0:30:36 3rd
17-Aug Triathlon Tri the Hook Sprint 1:09:43 3rd
14-Aug Aquathon Bray 0:28:53 10th
07-Aug Duathlon Phoenix Park 0:57:03 5th
04-Aug Triathlon Loughrea Sprint 1:06:10 19th
28-Jul Athletics National 5,000m 0:16:39 29th
20-Jul Triathlon Beast of the East Olympic  2:16:23 39th
10-Jul Athletics 5,000m Graded 0:16:54 34th
06-Jul Triathlon TriAthlone Sprint 1:08:25 43rd
03-Jul Duathlon Phoenix Park 0:38:59 6th
29-Jun Triathlon Hell of the West Olympic 2:27:10 57th
26-Jun IMRA Kippure 0:42:49 5th
20-Jun Athletics Docklands 10km 0:35:01 14th
05-Jun Duathlon Phoenix Park 0:29:xx 12th
08-Jun Adventure Race Dingle Adventure Race 3:26:47 6th
05-May Adventure Race Blackstairs Adventure Race 3:42:43 1st
15-Apr Athletics Boston Marathon  2:46:49 567th
7-Apr Athletics Road Relay (2 mile leg) 11th
23-Mar IMRA Wicklow Way Trail 1:58:55 3rd
02-Mar IMRA Maulin 0:41:31 2nd
24-Feb Cross Country National Cross Country Club 0:43:06 45th
16-Feb Athletics Mount Juliet Half Marathon 1:20:25 4th
9-Feb IMRA Annacurra 0:49:23 7th
18-Jan Athletics John Treacy 10 mile 0:57:10 27th


Date Sport Race Name Time Position
09-Dec Cross Country National Novices, Wexford 0:21:15 45th
18-Nov Athletics Jean Bouin (Barcelona) 10k 0:36:03 82nd
29-Oct Athletics Dublin Marathon 2:50:06 144th
7-Oct Athletics Athlone 3/4 Marathon 2:17:28 53rd
22-Sep Duathlon ITU World Duathlon Championships,Nancy, France 2:05:02  34th
2-Sep Athletics Varala Half Marathon,Tampere, Finland 1:19:39  3rd
26-Aug Cycling Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford 6:06
15-Aug IMRA Devil’s Glen 0:35:00 3rd
11-Aug Triathlon Caroline Kearney, Mullingar 2:22:12  39th
8-Aug IMRA Djouce Trail 0:28:27 4th
1-Aug Duathlon Phoenix Park 0:58:14  7th
28-Jul Triathlon King of the Hill, Kinsale 1:10:18  29th
14-Jul Triathlon Lough Hyne, Baltimore 2:25:31 19th
10-Jul Duathlon Phoenix Park 0:39:49 7th
8-Jul IMRA Mt Leinster 1:07:48 2nd
4-Jul IMRA Trooperstown Hill 0:44:23 2nd
16-Jun Triathlon Hook or by Crook, Dunmore East 1:19:22  31st
9-Jun Adventure Race Dingle Adventure Race 03:15:48 4th
2-Jun Adventure Race Blackstairs Adventure Race 03:24:00 1st
26-May Triathlon Tramore Olympic 02:17:31 3rd
20-May Athletics Lucan 5km 00:16:36 9th
6-May Athletics Barcelona 1 mile 00:05:09 20th
21-Apr IMRA Tonegalee 00:45:39 3rd
15-Apr IMRA Millstreet 00:31:16 4th
31-Mar Duathlon Fingal 01:05:15 7th
26-Mar Athletics Tramore 10km 00:36:04 5th
10-Mar Athletics Enniscrone 10km 00:34:46 3rd
3-Mar Duathlon Fingal 01:06:28 10th
19-Feb IMRA Trooperstown Hill 00:45:26 6th
12-Feb IMRA Annagh Hill 00:47:06 6th
29-Jan Athletics John Treacy 10m 00:59:55 80th
22-Jan IMRA Howth Winter 00:23:06 3rd


Date Sport Race Name Time Position Comments
16-Jan IMRA Howth 00:24:12 3rd
06-Feb IMRA Annagh Hill 00:49:40 6th
05-Mar IMRA Maulin 00:42:17 3rd 2nd in Leinster Winter League to Peter O’Farrell
29-Jan Duathlon Clonea 01:12:09 10th
22-Feb Duathlon Punchestown 01:04:13 22nd Qualified for World Duathlon Championships
08-Jun Duathlon Phoenix Park 00:40:44 7th
03-May Duathlon Phoenix Park 00:41:42 21st
03-Aug Duathlon Phoenix Park 00:59:07 8th
23-Sep Duathlon ITU World Championships 02:03:40 29th Gijon, Spain. PB 10k & 5k
06-Jun Adventure Dingle Adventure Race 03:20:13 4th
29-Jul Cycling Tour de Kilkenny 160km
29-Aug Cycling Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford 160km
03-Apr Athletics Ballyheigue 10km 00:38:50 1st First race win
10-Sep Athletics Doonbeg 10km 00:38:39 1st Second race win
01-Oct Athletics Athlone 3/4 Marathon 02:18:25  40th 3hr marathon pace
06-Nov Athletics New York City Marathon 02:59:40 1001th First marathon, with 47,000 competitors. PB marathon
10-Dec Athletics Waterford Half Marathon 01:21:42  31st PB half-marathon
03-Apr Athletics Connemarathon 01:23:52 5th
28-May Triathlon Balbriggan Sprint 01:12:13 13th
18-Jun Triathlon Dunmore East Sprint 01:27:16 64th
23-Jul Triathlon Kilkenny Olympic 02:22:16 60th
20-Aug Triathlon Tramore Sprint 01:03:36 19th
15-Oct Triathlon Barcelona Olympic 02:11:00 28th
17-Jul Triathlon Howth Olympic 03:07:20 23rd
18-Aug Aquathon Bray 00:27:28 12th
24-Jul Swimming Snámh Fada, Tramore
07-Jun Swimming Ventry to Cuan 2km


Previous Results

Year Sport Race Place Overall
2008 Running Great Ireland Run 150 00:41:06
2009 Running Great Ireland Run 108 00:38:03
2009 Tri Sprint TriAthy 153 01:13:27
2009 Tri Sprint Dunmore 119 01:34:38
2009 Tri Olympic TriAthlone 63 02:09:37
2009 Tri Sprint Clogherhead 50 01:14:46
2009 Tri Olympic Chicago 659 02:39:52
2010 Tri Sprint TriAthy 523 01:32:32
2010 Tri Olympic Dunmore 113 01:24:27
2010 Tri Olympic Barcelona 456 02:22:43
2010 Tri Olympic Kenmare 39 02:23:17
2010 Tri Olympic Kilkenny 19 02:21:52
2010 Tri Sprint Tramore 26 01:04:24
2010 Tri Olympic Triathlone 9 02:31:24
2010 Tri Olympic Chicago 172 02:32:42
2010 Tri Olympic Seven Frogs 3 02:28:54
2010 Running Connemarathon Half 23 01:30:37
2010 Running Great Ireland Run 209 00:38:39
2010 Running Maspalomas 7.6k 19 00:30:46

10 thoughts on “Race Results

  1. This is cool. Going from the bottom to the top and seeing your position in races get smaller and smaller. Shows how much work you’re putting in over time and it’s paying off big time.

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