TI Race Organisers Summit

25 February 2017 – Athlone I.T.: I always saw a race director as a stressed looking individual busily moving around a race transition zone – clipboard in one hand, phone or walkie talkie in the other. Telling other people in hi-viz jackets where you can and can’t park your bike, or what time wave 3 … Continue reading TI Race Organisers Summit


2014 The Story So Far

It's been a great year so far. Both in sports as in life in general which is a good place to be really. I thought I'd take some time to look back on 7 months so far and evaluate the highs, lows, progress and missed opportunities. Highs It may sound simple, but being fit and … Continue reading 2014 The Story So Far

Hook or by Crook: Race Report

Waterford is the best place on the world on days like Saturday. The sun was shining down on Dunmore East, the sea was calm looking across to Hook Lighthouse, the crowds were happy sipping coffees or munching ice-creams. All set for the Hook or by Crook Triathlon. This is my favourite race, and my 5th … Continue reading Hook or by Crook: Race Report

Running Progress

This year has gone well so far. I’ve enjoyed training, done well in some races and discovered some new parts of Ireland. Plus the summer is shaping up nicely, with a mix of races, holidays and of course the Euros in Poland and the Olympics in London. I thought I’d give an insight into the … Continue reading Running Progress