2013: Now that was a year

The last 365 days have been pretty good as things go, so let me try and wrap it up into a few sporting highlights, memories and laughs.


Boston Marathon: Race Report

15th April, 2013 – Patriots Day I wrote this review 5 days after the infamous Boston Marathon of 2013. It’s only now that I feel it appropriate to write and savour the many amazing moments of that race, as up to now, we’ve all been thanking our lucky stars that we are safe.   The … Continue reading Boston Marathon: Race Report

Tragedy at Boston Marathon

Surreal and tragic is how the events of yesterday feel. Surreal in that you’re watching an event play out which you’re a part of, yet you don’t know what’s going on. Tragic in that such a happy event has been twisted into an act of terror. While not of the same scale as 9/11, it … Continue reading Tragedy at Boston Marathon