Coaching journal #4

I’ve started reading the book Co-Active Coaching. I’m enjoying the concepts, examples, and reflections. Synapses are going off in my head, when a concept twigs with something that I’ve learnt about before, either in the previous coaching course I did, or more general reading or training. I’ve really been influenced in the past 5 years … Continue reading Coaching journal #4

Coaching journey: day 2

16 October 2020 Friday night after a 2nd day of learning over Zoom. I feel good, a nice tired, after having packed a lot into a day and learnt a lot. Getting to know people, who shared deeply personal stories and feelings - it was a privilege to listen. Dawn run My day started in … Continue reading Coaching journey: day 2

Coaching & 360 Feedback

I’ve been working with a personal coach over recent months. He doesn’t tell me about heart rates, mile paces or recovery. He doesn’t blow a whistle or wear a tracksuit. Nope this coach is helping me with my career. I’m lucky to get the opportunity to avail of some pro-bono coaching. Coaching - Personal Development … Continue reading Coaching & 360 Feedback