Quest Glendalough 2016: Race Report

Last time out, down in Killarney, I walked across the finish line. Different circumstance in Glendalough, but same slow saunter under the Quests gantry. Shoulder to shoulder, chatting away to the man who’d been my target for the entire race. I finished just 3 seconds off 3rd place, behind adventure race “veteran” Peter O’Farrell. That … Continue reading Quest Glendalough 2016: Race Report

Quest Glendalough Bike Recce

While many of you were kicking off your adventure race season in Killarney on 13th March, I decided to look forward to Quest Glendalough on 23rd April. I did a recce of the bike route (Strava route), to learn a bit more about the climbs, descents, road surface and corners.   Shay Elliott Climb … Continue reading Quest Glendalough Bike Recce

Run better, not less: Injury-free running workshop

Glendalough, 18-19 August 2012 Hosted by ChampionsEverywhere: Tony, Rene, Ben, Jason There are champions everywhere. Every street's got them. All we need to do is train them properly. - Arthur Lydiard Most people’s idea of a relaxing weekend involves forgetting about work and spending time putting the feet up at home or enjoying time with … Continue reading Run better, not less: Injury-free running workshop