Meia Maratona do Porto: Race Report

Run: 21.1km in 1:18:57, 3:45min/km pace, new PB, 87th place Porto is a special city given its history, amazingly rich architecture and beautiful setting on the steep banks of the River Douro. Luckily the half marathon avoids all those hills and sticks to a lovely flat course along both banks of the Douro. You won’t … Continue reading Meia Maratona do Porto: Race Report


Progress: Confidence to Race Barefoot

Last weekend marked a big step on my running career, even though I didn’t win a prize or set a PB. Six months after first kicking off my shoes and running barefoot on a treadmill in Glendalough, I ran my first road race, the Mount Juliet Half Marathon, in Vivo Barefoot shoes. I feel like … Continue reading Progress: Confidence to Race Barefoot

Connemarathon 2011: Mossy & Dave into the West

As I’m writing this as the US Masters gets interesting. Hopefully McIlroy will have won by the time I finish (although as I revise this text, he's already thrown it away. Cruel). Anyway, despite all the sport on TV, the main sporting event for over 3,300 athletes in Ireland was the Connemarathon in Galway. I … Continue reading Connemarathon 2011: Mossy & Dave into the West

Countdown to Connemara

In 2 weeks’ time, I’ll have completed the Connemara Half Marathon. This will represent 13 miles of trekking around West Connemara (hopefully in the sun). The maximum distance I’ve ever ran is 10km, so it’s jump to get to 21km, but obviously do-able (I did 14km today and felt fine). I haven’t really thought of … Continue reading Countdown to Connemara