Wicklow Way Trail: Race Report

I finished 3rd in the Maurice Mullins Wicklow Way Trail race, organised by IMRA in March 2016. Read my race report below. Race distance: 25.5km (Strava activity) Race time: 1:56:51 (3rd place, average pace 4:33, average heart rate 161bpm) Elevation: 826m IMRA races are such honest events. There's no fanfare or cushy extras - just … Continue reading Wicklow Way Trail: Race Report


Running Progress

This year has gone well so far. I’ve enjoyed training, done well in some races and discovered some new parts of Ireland. Plus the summer is shaping up nicely, with a mix of races, holidays and of course the Euros in Poland and the Olympics in London. I thought I’d give an insight into the … Continue reading Running Progress

Mountain running: the new black?

You see people on the roads these days in a craze of fitness. Runners, cyclists, power walkers, dog walkers, boot camp enthusiasts. What ever happened to football? People played til they were 18 then gave it up. What about going to the gym? Only during the Celtic Tiger. Maybe surfing? Only if you live on … Continue reading Mountain running: the new black?