Cal-Neva Lake Tahoe Marathon

1st place - 2h58m, 8th October 2016      /     Sand Harbor, NV to Homewood, CA Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. So, when I heard they do a 3-day marathon weekend, I was in. I decided to do the Saturday marathon, the Cal-Neva which went across the northern side of the … Continue reading Cal-Neva Lake Tahoe Marathon


Running the Camino to Fisterre

Galicia Trip: September 2015 Disclaimer: this is not a blog about walking the Camino de Santiago, as I haven’t even done one mile of it. It’s not even a blog about hiking, or even about the end of the world. This is my story about running the Camino de Fisterra, which is the last stage … Continue reading Running the Camino to Fisterre

Running the Dublin Marathon & supporting Crumlin Children’s Hospital

"Few things in life match the thrill of a marathon." - Fred Lebrow, New York City Marathon Founder Next Monday 29th Oct, I’m running the Dublin Marathon and would appreciate your support for the Children's Medical & Research Foundation, Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin. This involves 26.2 miles of self-inflicted fun or torture, depending who … Continue reading Running the Dublin Marathon & supporting Crumlin Children’s Hospital

A busy few months

The last few months have been busy, even if I’ve squeezed in 3 holidays in that time. I’m getting abuse at work as all my holidays have involved some sort of race or sport. What’s wrong with sitting on the beach drinking mojitos all day they say? My focus has been on training for both … Continue reading A busy few months

Marathon training: T-2 months to NYC

“By next weekend, you should be doing a 22 mile run.” That’s what Seán at work told me Friday. It still feels like I’ve loads of time to train for the New York Marathon – it’s over 2 months away. But in reality, I don’t have that much time, as my training plan is relentless … Continue reading Marathon training: T-2 months to NYC

To York or Not to York: NYC Marathon

If anyone asks me “Dave, why don’t you run a marathon?” my answer is that I’m too young. I promised I wouldn’t do one ‘til I’m the wrong side of 30. Marathons are for people who’ve reached a point in their lives, where they think, I need a big challenge, what will I do? Ok, … Continue reading To York or Not to York: NYC Marathon

Connemara Update: 20km done

Today I ran 20km, which is a first. I’ve only ever done 15km (and that was last Sunday). The route was from Ranelagh out to Dun Laoghaire. Leaving work I could see snow on the Dublin Mountains, but luckily enough it wasn’t that cold, once you got the heart beating. My goal was 85 minutes, which … Continue reading Connemara Update: 20km done