London Olympics: 3-4 August 2012 (Part 1)

I was lucky enough to spend 4 days in London last week and got to experience the amazing buzz that pervades the city during the 2012 Olympics. We were lucky enough to witness some truly memorable sporting moments, such as the photo finish in the women’s triathlon; raising the roof off a pub cheering on Team GB’s exploits of Jess and Mo on the track; raising another roof in the ExCel during Katie Taylor’s quarter final fight and also discovering a new love of women’s weightlifting, where we saw several Olympic and World Records set by some scarily strong women. Here’s part 1 of the lowdown.


London Olympics: Misty May-Treanor watch out

Have you heard of Misty May-Treanor? No, then maybe you know the exploits of Kerri Walsh? Ok, here’s a hint: the best team in the world is the USA. I know, that doesn’t narrow it down – it could be indoor bowling, rodeo or in line skating. Right, does this photo help? Now, I consider … Continue reading London Olympics: Misty May-Treanor watch out