I love to travel and have lived abroad in San Diego, Rotterdam, Maastricht and Barcelona during my student days. I get to Seattle with work a bit and visit all parts of Spain each year – it’s my favourite country and I never get bored of exploring the food, countryside, football, music and culture. I’ve been to South America a few times as well as South East Asia once. I’ve never been to Australia, Africa and lots of other places!

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Angkor Wat, Cambodia 2009

Countries visited over the years:

  •  2019: Austria, Spain, Germany, USA, Portugal
  • 2018: Austria, USA, Canada, Spain
  • 2017: Austria, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Spain
  • 2016: Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, USA
  • 2015: Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, USA, Austria, Canada
  • 2014: Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, USA
  • 2013: Austria, Finland, USA, UK, Spain, Netherlands
  • 2012: Finland, Spain, England, France
  • 2011: Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, USA, England
  • 2010: USA; Spain; Italy; Austria; Germany; Scotland
  • 2009: USA; Spain; Italy; Cambodia; Vietnam; Singapore; Laos; England
  • 2008: Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Poland, Germany, UK
  • 2007: Venezuela, Poland, Germany, Spain
  • 2006: Netherlands, Cuba, UK, Germany, Spain
  • 2005: Spain, Netherlands, Belgium
  • 2004: Spain, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile
  • 2003: USA, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria
  • 2002: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany
  • The 1990s: USA 94, Scotland 91, Italy 97, Andorra 96

Favourite Places in Ireland


Tramore, Co Waterford – for the beach, the sandhills, the surf club, the Guillamene, the Metal Man, Dooley’s chipper, blaas for breakfast,  Crokes, the Grand Hotel, the Munster Express, the Vic

  • Dingle, Co Kerry
  • Killarney, Co Kerry
  • Kenmare, Co Kerry
  • Kinsale, Co Cork
  • Wicklow Mountains, Wicklow
  • Howth, Dublin
  • Antrim Coast, Northern Ireland
  • Graiguenamanagh, Co Kilkenny

Favourite Places in Europe

  • WP_20141128_14_41_20_Pro_thumb.jpgBarcelona, Spain
  • Cycling around Girona region, Catalunya, Spain
  • Mountain biking in Gran Canaria
  • Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, Finland
  • Highlands in Scotland
  • Veneto region, Italy
  • Tirolean Alps, Austria

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